Quanhom 2023 Exhibition Review: Practitioner of Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology

Quanhom 2023 Exhibition Review: Practitioner of Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology


Quanhom achieved a successful conclusion to its 2023 exhibitions and yielded significant benefits.

Quanhom 2023 Exhibition Review: Practitioner of Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology

In 2023, Quanhom participated in a series of international exhibitions related to optomechanical technology. We engage in extensive exchanges and collaboration with enterprises and organizations in the fields of infrared thermal imaging technology, security, and related industries, and display our products with international visitors.

IWA & Outdoor Classics 2023 

IWAan abbreviation for the "Internationale Waffen Ausstellung" in German, translates into English is "International Weapons Exhibition, which was first held in 1974. The 2023 exhibition is held at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center from March 2-5. It has a total of 1,071 exhibitors and more than 34,000 visitors from 119 countries and regions around the world, including 66 Chinese companies. IWA exhibition showcases a variety of scientific and technological equipment, and is one of the top international professional exhibitions in the field of outdoor products and hunting.

Quanhom's booth was located in the optoelectronic products area and highlighted thermal infrared optics and high precision products which include in frared lenses of LWIR, MWIR, SWIR, eyepieces, infrared thermal imaging modules, thermal imaging sights, laser range finders, etc. We provided on-site explanations demonstrated the working principle and effect of "infrared thermal imaging", and engaged in transparent discussions with visitors. This facilitated a more comprehensive understanding of professional technology, a deeper grasp of the market environment, and an updated judgment on the company's future development direction.

IDEF 2023

The IDEF exhibition, originating in 1993, stands as Turkey's preeminent professional exhibition, organized by the Turkish Ministry of Defense, which is one of the three major defense industry expositions in the world. IDEF 2023 is the 16th Turkish International Defense & Military Police Professional Exhibition, which will be held at the Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center in Turkey from July 25 to 28, 2023. This exhibition attracted a total of 1,461 exhibitors, about 100,000 professional visitors from 55 countries around the world, and more than 70 Chinese specialized enterprises. This grand-scale exhibition showcased the world's most advanced technologies in land, air, and maritime defense, as well as homeland security.

As an honored participant, Quanhom's booth garnered substantial attention, particularly within the imaging technology sector for homeland security and defense. The booth presented a diverse range of infrared lenses, eyepieces, thermal imaging modules, laser range finders, and other optical products, and enthusiastically explained the features and advantages of exhibits to visitors. At the same time, we have established good communication and exchanges with top companies in various related industries, consolidated existing cooperative relationships, and laid the foundation for market expansion.

Through these exhibitions, Quanhom Company has solidified its position as a practitioner in the field of global thermal imaging technology, while strengthening international cooperation and exchanges. We remain committed to innovation, maintaining a professional approach, and delivering high-performance and reliable thermal imaging solutions to meet the evolving challenges of the future. As we step into 2024, new opportunities beckon and Quanhom is poised to continue its forward momentum.