Quanhom's Participation in International Exhibitions

Quanhom's Participation in International Exhibitions


Quanhom has always been active in international exhibitions related to thermal imaging technology.

Quanhom's Participation in International Exhibitions

Thermal imaging technology is playing an increasingly important role in many crucial fields, and many internaltional exhibitions have been held annually to enhance cooperation and development in this area. Quanhom, since its foundation, has been active in participating in many international forums for enterprises and organizations related to optoelectronic technology. Let's see some major exhibitions and events we have been to.

CIOE, short for China International Optoelectronic Exposition, is the world’s leading optoelectronic and annually held in Shenzhen, China since 1999. It is an ideal platform for the global optoelectronic professionals to network with business partners and discover the future optoelectronic industry trends. Quanhom closely follows the latest trends of this promising technology to constantly offer the most high-performance infrared lenses and other thermal imaging products. We participated in the CIOE events for three consecutive years since 2018 exhibiting advanced LWIR and MWIR zoom lenses, eyepieces, and thermal camera modules, which proves our competence and expertise in infrared/thermal imaging technology.
DSA Defence Services Asia Exhibition & Conference is the biggest and most efficiently organized Defence and Homeland Security show in Asia showcasing some of the world’s most advanced technologies in Land, Air and Sea Defence, Homeland Security, etc. Well informed of the increasing importance of thermal imaging technology in homeland security and defense, Quanhom offers a wide range of IR lenses, eyepieces, thermal camera modules, and other IR optical products that are ideal choices in this field. In 2020, we got the opportunity to take part in the event and display some of our advanced IR lenses and other thermal imaging products.

DSA itinerant exhibition April 2018 in Kuala Lumpur

Milipol Asia-Pacific is a highly regarded international exhibition and conference covering all aspects of homeland security, including counter terrorism, public safety, internal state security, civil defence and law enforcement in the Asia-Pacific region. Quanhom attend Milipol Asia-Pacific 2019 in Singapore. 301 exhibitors from 38 countries participated in this

event. We exhibited our diverse types of LWIR and MWIR lenses, eyepieces, and thermal camera modules and enjoyed conversations with many international customers and guests.