Application of Infrared Imaging Technology

Application of Infrared Imaging Technology


Thermal imaging technology can take a thermal image of a scene and convert it into an image visible to the human eye. This article will specifically introduce the application of thermal imaging technology.

Application of Infrared Imaging Technology
the application of thermal imaging technology

Thermal imaging technology can solve the problem that the human eye can only see the outlines of close objects and large objects in a blur, and cannot capture object information due to insufficient light intensity when observing at night. The following is the application of thermal imaging technology.

Night vision and night battle

Realize the thermal imaging of long-wave infrared and mid-wave infrared, can realize the real night vision.

The basis of night combat is night vision-that is, the scene can be clearly observed at night. Visible light images come from reflected sunlight or artificial light sources, so the scene cannot be seen at night and without artificial light sources. Since infrared heat radiation is determined by the physical properties of the scene’s own temperature, emissivity, and emissivity, and has nothing to do with the external light source, the scene is still "visible" in the infrared band, even if the target and the background temperature are the same, as long as the surface The emissivity or reflectivity is different from that of the background object, and it can still be reflected by thermal imaging.

Night vision equipment is the material basis of modern high-tech local wars. Equipped with night vision equipment can enable troops to fight continuously day and night, make the operations more sudden, and help gain the initiative in the war. The emergence of thermal imaging technology is a real revolution in night vision equipment

Can deal with a variety of complex adverse weather conditions

The typical value of visible light wavelength is 0.5μm. The infrared wavelength used in thermal imaging is 3μm~12μm, which is 5~20 times larger than that of visible light. Therefore, in principle, the ability of infrared radiation to penetrate the atmosphere, haze, fog, smoke, and dust is better than that of visible light. Stronger, using thermal imaging technology can observe and fight under bad weather conditions.

Obtained information about the objective world and thermal movement

(1) Thermal imaging can be used to observe and monitor the impact of human activities on nature-for example, the urban "heat island effect", that is, due to the large amount of waste heat emitted by human activities in cities, the temperature is significantly higher than in suburbs and rural areas. Using this feature can help find inhabited caves in the severely cold mountainous area.

(2) Using thermal imaging, objects can be observed and measured 24 hours a day and night (or called all-day time) and under bad weather conditions to obtain information that cannot be obtained by visible light, such as the position of the liquid level of the liquid storage tank, and electric power facilities. Working status, etc.

(3) Thermal imaging can be used to observe the heat leakage of buildings, thereby obtaining information on building quality or energy-saving, and military buildings such as fortifications and shelters may expose their locations due to heat leakage.

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