What are the applications of infrared detection in the civilian field?

What are the applications of infrared detection in the civilian field?

Widely employed in video security surveillance for sensitive areas such as shopping malls, communities, banks, warehouses, etc., especially for night security.

2. Personal consumption
Commonly used in outdoor activities like adventures and field scientific expeditions. Some manufacturers have developed mobile phones with plug-in thermal imaging devices for daily temperature measurement and personal entertainment.

3. Driver Assistance
Installed in vehicles, boats and other transportation to provide drivers auxiliary observation information of the road conditions ahead by displaying infrared thermal images, thereby avoiding potential road traffic safety hazards such as haze, smoke and heavy rain.

4. Fire and police
Utilized in search and rescue operations for various accidents, including earthquakes, fires, traffic accidents, aircraft accidents, and beach scenarios. Infrared detection enables police officers to conduct searches, observations, or tracking during night or concealed conditions.

5. Industrial monitoring
Applicable to control processes in almost all industrial manufacturing, especially the monitoring and temperature control of production processes under smoke, effectively ensuring product quality and production processes.

6. Power monitoring
Used for observing the operating status of mechanical and electrical equipment. It can express equipment faults in the form of temperature images and find the source of danger before the equipment is damaged by high temperatures and conduct maintenance in advance, thereby improving equipment production capacity, reducing maintenance costs, and shortening downtime for maintenance.

7. Medical quarantine
By observing the temperature differences of affected bodies or pathological tissues, and distinguishing sick bodies among groups for inspection, infrared thermal imaging cameras play a vital role in promptly detecting sick bodies and avoiding the spread of the epidemic.